Kris Morwood

Philanthropy, Non-profit Management, Education, De-Stigmitization | CNNC 2019


KRIS MORWOOD has passionately focused her career in the nonprofit sector for the past 2 decades. She is working to establish a Social Responsibility Coalition, for members of the cannabis and hemp industries. A strategic partnership Рcomprised of business operators, contractors, industry workers and government regulators.

Her objective is to establish new methods to engage and educate diverse populations, leading by example, connect the for-profit and nonprofit communities, encouraging participation where local industries, reinvest directly into the regions in which they operate, while being mindful in their business practices.

Kris strives to promote the responsible consumption of cannabis for medical or recreational use, while informing the public about the numerous benefits of hemp/cannabis-derived products, with the book series she helped create, Callie and Friends.

We are honored to have Kris Morwood as our emcee for CNNC 2019.

CNNC 2019 Sessions:

“Cannabis works with my body and gives me relief without the terrible side effects of pharmaceuticals”

Kris Morwood

Callie & Friends, LLC

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