Legal Considerations for Healthcare Professionals

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How can you safely and responsibly practice cannabis healthcare?

Laws relevant to healthcare professionals in working with cannabis medicine including history of cannabis law and policy, current legal status, current nursing policies and standards, and practical considerations for nurses, healthcare professionals and patients


Understand the medical professionals role regarding safe, legal access and administration of cannabis therapeutics Topics include: history and law regarding cannabis use, current law and standards of practice, practical guideline for cannabis healthcare.


Ken Sobel, Esq.

Ken Sobel, Esq is a San Diego based AV-rated attorney for forty (40) years with almost 15 years specializing in all aspects of legal cannabis business and health.

He is a pioneer in the legal cannabis industry and is an expert in law, policy, regulation, compliance and cannabis business start-ups. He is the only attorney to prove that cannabis is safe and effective as medicine to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty which he did on behalf of the Arizona Cannabis Nurses Association in 2014.

Ken wrote the Medical Cannabis Patient Care Act for the US Virgin Islands which was signed into law on January 9, 2019. As the foremost legal/medical expert on cannabis, Ken has authored 25 petitions proving that cannabis is safe and effective for therapeutic or palliative effect on a broad range of medical conditions.

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