Holistic Options for Hospice Care

DAY ONE | Essential Education Session | CNNC 2019

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NCSBN Recommendations, Comfort Measures & Research

If you only have a few days left of your life, week,  or even a month-would you want to be awake and comfortable to spend time with your friends and family or would you rather be sedated and sleep your last days away?

There are options available now which can truly change the way we transcend. We can transcend in a comfortable manner, while giving ourself and those we love the gift of being present. 

NCSBN recommendations for nurses, comfort measures, recent research on using cannabis for pain and anxiety, and emerging studies being done on using other types of plant medicine for terminal anxiety and distress. 


Nurses will understand how to be a patient advocate for all patients who are terminal, and how to effectively be a cannabis nurse in the hospice and palliative care setting. 


Marcie Cooper RN, MSN, AHN-BC

Marcie first became interested in Cannabis Medicine as she saw an increase in patients using cannabis and knew she needed a better understanding. The knowledge gained was so profound, she found herself emerged in the science of cannabis.

She has been a hospice nurse for more than 10 years and believes this sacred journey is one of the most important places where knowledgeable cannabis nurses should be found as the results for hospice patients are so enormous.

She also created and contributed to several nationally offered nursing CEU courses and programs on cannabis including Cannabinoid Connections in 2016. She the past few years she has been teaching Geriatric Nursing and Transcultural Nursing in a BSN program and incorporating concepts of cannabis nursing into these traditional nursing courses.

Teaching Healthcare providers and nurses is a second passion, as providing direct patient care has always been and remains her first love and passion.

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