Prunetta O’Pal Brunson, MSN,APRN

Family Wellness, Medical Cannabis, Tele-Medicine, Urgent Care, Virtual Medicine | CNNC 2020


Prunett Brunson is a Certified Advanced Nurse Practitioner concentration Family Care and Medical Cannabis. She serves as a Nurse Practitioner Hospitalist with Providence Hospital, Hospital Administrator at Prisma Health, CEO for The Bhang Group. LLC a Family/Urgent Care, Tele and Virtual Health Practice located in over 4 states, Medical Cannabis Nurse and Provider, served as a Nurse Educator for Providence Hospital Intermediate Intensive Care Unit for over 10 years.

She earned her Associates Degree from Midlands Technical College and perused her Master’s Graduate Degree at Walden University where she received International Honor Society of ThetaTau

Telehealth is a extreme change and innovative way to provide care and services to Americans. The health gap needs to be closed and provide quality, affordable healthcare to everyone.

Prunetta O’Pal Brunson, MSN,APRN