Linda Jacobson

Eldercare, Residential Care Facilities Management, Science Journalism | CNNC 2020


Writer/educator Linda Jacobson founded EldersTogether in 2009 to help transform the experience and perception of eldercare, and to promote non-pharmacological strategies for brain wellness. She consults for startups focused on eldercare, has advised hundreds of people seeking care providers, and leads workshops for senior-living residents.

Linda also is partnering with Barbara Blaser RN to teach caregivers and senior-living leaders about the safe use and management of cannabis. Since 1990 Linda has written and taught professionals about emerging healthcare and education technologies. She was a co-founding editor of Wired magazine, wrote two books (CyberArts and Garage Virtual Reality), and helped establish the virtual reality industry.

Sometimes you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

Linda Jacobson