Nurse Advocacy: Healthcare Professionals are Patients

Continued Education Session | CNNC 2022


Nurse Advocacy: Healthcare Professionals are Patients

How can I do my part in advocating for my peers?

My session will include me sharing my story with losing my nursing license due to a failed preemployment screening due to cannabis. I will share statistics on how nurses are affected in comparison to states who currently have different legalization statuses. I will also share different ways of advocacy we can do to help change legislation and fight for workplace protections.

Attendees will learn about ways they can advocate on their behalf or others who may be experiencing discriminatory practices in the workplace due to cannabis.


Shonda Broom, RN

Shonda Broom is a 2005 nursing graduate from Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, LA. Shonda has over 12 years of experience as a Registered Nurse.