Marcie Cooper RN, MSN, AHN-BC

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MARCIE COOPER first became interested in Cannabis Medicine as she saw an increase in patients using cannabis and knew she needed a better understanding. The knowledge gained was so profound, she found herself emerged in the science of cannabis.

She has been a hospice nurse for more than 10 years and believes this sacred journey is one of the most important places where knowledgeable cannabis nurses should be found as the results for hospice patients are so enormous. She also created and contributed to several nationally offered nursing CEU courses and programs on cannabis including Cannabinoid Connections in 2016.

The past few years she has been teaching Geriatric Nursing and Transcultural Nursing in a BSN program and incorporating concepts of cannabis nursing into these traditional nursing courses. Teaching Healthcare providers and nurses is a second passion, as providing direct patient care has always been and remains her first love and passion.

“Cannabinoid therapy has shown me that having options is the key.  While cannabis can be useful for a myriad of conditions and symptoms, cannabis alone is not always enough.  We have been open to learning the amazing benefits of cannabis and now it is time to start expanding our acceptance of many other amazing plants and the healing benefits they may have to offer. 

No one should be limited on the natural choices they have for healing, especially in the face of their own dying process.”

Marcie Cooper RN, MSN, AHN-BC

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