Juhlzie Monteiro, RN, BSK

Pediatric ER, Adult ER, Orthopedics, Outpatient Surgery, Pain Managment, Nurse Educator | CNNC 2019


JULIE MONTEIRO, RN, BSK (@AskNurseJuhlzie) is a Registered Nurse in the state of Nevada and a UNLV Alumni. She has worked over twenty years in medicine specializing in Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Pediatric ER/Trauma and Adult ER, Outpatient Surgery and Pain Management, and a Nurse Educator in many of these specialties.

She is known in the Las Vegas Community as “Ask Nurse Juhlzie” and educates professionals, patients, caregivers, corporations, and legislation on Cannabis Therapeutics and the science behind the plant in numerous platforms.

She is the creator and founding Editor of Cannabis Nurses Magazine (CNM) established in October 2015 and a Founding Member of Cannabis Nurses Network. She is a philanthropist and advocate as a voice for the patients and believes “Education is the key” to the success and future of integrating Cannabis into Health and Wellness.


“Whatever your experience or expertise is in nursing, you can apply it to cannabis therapeutics in a variety of settings. Becoming an entrepreneurial nurse in cannabis nursing is an invigorating and rewarding new field. The Universe is your limit!”

Julie Monteiro, RN, BSK

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